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  1. Sales Prospecting Techniques
  2. How to Succeed as a Female in Sales: 21 Tips from the Experts
  3. 21 Powerful Sales Techniques (Backed by Scientific Research)
  4. 21 Powerful Sales Techniques (Backed by Scientific Research)

Corporate Visions ran two studies to test the effectiveness of you-phrasing versus we-phrasing. The studies found that you-phrasing is exponentially more effective at moving prospects to take personal responsibility and feel like they must take action. But it makes a big difference. Use these four selling techniques to show your prospects why they need to change their situation and persuade them to choose you over your competition. Many salespeople see the sales process as linear. At some point, it has an end—the prospect will choose either you or your competitor.

Keep in mind, however, that this conversation is about why your buyer needs to change. Too often, salespeople base their messaging on the needs prospects tell you they have. And because every option sounds the same, your prospects become indecisive. To create the urgency to change and overcome Status Quo Bias, you need to introduce prospects to Unconsidered Needs—unmet, underappreciated, or yet uknown problems or missed opportunities that are holding back their business. Learn more about Unconsidered Needs in this short video:.

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When you present your value proposition to prospects, how much overlap is there between what you can provide and what your competition can provide? Most B2B salespeople admit that overlap is 70 percent or higher. This is called your Value Wedge. And when you create something that meets those three criteria, you have a value proposition that sets your solution apart from the competition and communicates real value to your prospect. Yet, most sales reps continue to fall back on this tired and unoriginal method of pitching. But research proves that effective sales presentations need to go beyond just a list of bullets.

A research study we conducted on using visuals in B2B sales revealed that simple, concrete, hand-drawn visuals on a whiteboard outperformed two types of PowerPoint presentations in the areas of recall, engagement, presentation quality, credibility, and persuasion. Sales presentations should be a compelling visual narrative designed to showcase your products and services and how they deliver unique value.

Many companies are expanding inside sales teams. In fact, the majority of B2B salespeople we surveyed conduct more than half of their sales calls in non-face-to-face environments. But for all the potential cost savings and productivity gains, inside sales can create engagement challenges due to the virtual barrier between seller and buyer.

Sales Prospecting Techniques

But over the phone or in a virtual meeting, there are plenty of other competing priorities to distract them. They want to know what you can offer, so introduce Unconsidered Needs to grab their attention.

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Tell a compelling, relatable story and use visuals to hold their attention while you illustrate the value of your solution. One underappreciated yet highly effective technique for phone sales is using interactive visuals. As mentioned earlier, there are clear benefits to using hand-drawn visuals over the typical PowerPoint presentation. And you can apply this concept to phone sales by getting your listener to participate in some way—whether by taking notes or by drawing a simple, concrete visual as directed. Corporate Visions research reveals that using this approach to interactive visual stories is vital to engaging your audience, increasing favorable attitudes toward your story, improving recall, and making prospects more likely to meet with you.

Be warned.

How to Succeed as a Female in Sales: 21 Tips from the Experts

Incorporating these storytelling techniques into your virtual sales calls is going to demand some behavior changes from salespeople. But after putting this technique into practice, they saw an immediate positive impact relative to their previous verbal-only approach. Use these four sales closing techniques to create urgency, drive consensus among stakeholders, and convince your buyers to take action now. By keeping your ear to the ground -- and assuming good intent from the start -- you'll bring an authority and direction to your sales process that wouldn't be there otherwise.

If you have kids, you've likely noticed if you take a toy away from them -- they'll want it more than ever. Use this similar psychological practice on your prospects. If they're balking on price, remove a feature or service and present the discounted offer to them.

21 Powerful Sales Techniques (Backed by Scientific Research)

It's likely, they'll be thinking about the part you removed rather than the discounted price. The soft close is a way to show your prospect the benefit of your product and then ask a low-impact question to ascertain whether they'd be open to learning more. This removes their need to commit to you in the slightest, and gives you more time to learn about their business needs. Being skilled at closing is arguably one of the most important techniques a salesperson can master.

Find a mentor or fellow salesperson who excels at it and learn from them. Want more? Get tips on closing difficult prospects here. And learn how to avoid sales closing mistakes here. If you're still hungry for more techniques, check out these habits of highly effective closers. And, when all else fails, see these ways to bring stalled deals back from the dead.

21 Powerful Sales Techniques (Backed by Scientific Research)

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Sales 4 min read. Written by Adam Wiggins ajwiggins Here are a few proven closing techniques, and why they're so effective. Topics: Sales Closing Techniques. Don't forget to share this post!

How many times have you lost a sale or had to work way too hard to close the ones you got? You can close more sales with less effort and less expense. Now or Never Closes; Summary Closes; Sharp Angle Closes; Question This question asks either for closure or more information as to why the customer isn't quite convinced. Sales has changed dramatically over the past half decade - now, the best the best strategies for salespeople and entrepreneurs to close more deals in.

Here are some more creative ways to boost sales. Personal shopper service.