Manual Girl On Girl: A Bisexual Erotic Lesbian Adventure

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Anya let her, but did not kiss her back. All the time Anya taunted her without words, teased her without teasing. The gentle movements of her body was enough to make Lorna go wild. When Anya let her body relax a little and formed the beginnings of gentle folds on her stomach, Lorna felt she could dwell on those folds for years blissfully. Then, on her own accord, she slipped out of her skirt and resumed her spot facing Lorna, parting her delicate limbs.

Lorna now saw that all the while the girl had not been wearing any panties.

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From the red soil below the stone platform she picked up her own sweaty discarded panty, soaked it in water and then squeezed most of it out. Anya closed her eyes and despite her best effort let out soft moans of pleasure as the moist cloth brushed against her right breast and nipple, and down her chest onto her belly, where Lorna spread the panty out and softly pressed down over her navel. But she was in no mood to let go. With a surprising force and speed of movement, she took Lorna and pinned her down on the red earth below the stone platform, and then letting go of her for a moment, poured a half of the bucket of water all over her.

Lorna lay on her back bewildered, the red earth and dust from the soil clinging to her wet body.

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Swiftly taking hold of her discarded cloth bag, Anya drew out a fresh cucumber. With a mischievous glint in her eyes, Anya decided enough was enough and drove the cucumber straight into the tiny brown and wet pussy. No deft touch or gentle introduction. The force of the stab knocked the breath out of Lorna, as the muscles on her belly contracted and her fingers grabbed at the soil beneath her from the intensity of the sensation. Giving herself over completely to fate, Lorna let her arms lie limp in the dust, suffering the repeated stabs of the large cucumber and feeling the hot earth grind into her back.

But Anya had changed the game and now Lorna knew she would never touch the vagina she desired so desperately.

Free Morning Adventure from Sapphic Erotica - Emily Throne and 10:14 Sex Film

Anya would stab her to death, destroy her body with pleasure. She wondered again, as she had done on so many occasions, about her fantasy of having her body destroyed by pleasure.

She bent down and kissed her lovingly on her forehead. Then she took her by the arm, led her to the stone slab of the tube well and lay her head on lap. Lorna felt herself reeling slightly from drinking a little too much.

42 Bisexual People Describe The Difference Between Dating Men And Women | Thought Catalog

Anya suggested a walk into the forest together in the direction of the river to which the other readily agreed. In five minutes, they set out hand in hand, Anya sporting a strapless white spotted red bikini and a rich yellow skirt with tight elastic around her waist. The woods were sparsely populated with tall noble trees. The sun shone through the gaps between the leaves and textured the forest path ahead of them with sun and shade. More than the heat it was the humidity that took Lorna by surprise.

She walked bare bodied, wearing nothing but a tight black panty, yet her skin was already moist in the warm air.

Her under arms felt wet. After walking for around ten minutes, the duo came upon a little clearing to their right hand side.

The sight of the clearing sent a jolt through Lorna. What were four elderly men doing here in the middle of the forest? Seeing the large axes in their hands, she realized they were local woodcutters from the nearby village who had drifted in to this part of the forest. Each one of them looked to be in their mid fifties. They seemed as if the sudden appearance of a nude yoga mistress in their humble work zone had taken their breath away. Nimbly walking over to the four men she spoke in a velvet voice.

So much for civilized refrainment! She could still felt the taste of the delicious wine lingering on her lips when she took the first cock into her mouth. The men hardly spoke. They were literally speechless. Four large erect cocks surrounded Lorna as she sat on her knees and alternately tasted the fluids from each. As she did so, she felt her fresh panty soak with her own juices. Casting a sly glance at Anya who was now sitting on the ground without interference, Lorna slipped the largest cock into her mouth. This woodcutter had long grey hair and a likewise long beard, and his fat pecker extended the length of a full seven inches.

Lorna gorged on the fat meat as she pushed her throat upon its shaft to fit the entire thing inside her mouth. Then she held the saliva dripping dick in both hands and moved her fingers in circular motions till a giant load of hot white sperm erupted out of it and spread across her face and chest. Successively Lorna sucked off each of the remaining three men. Lorna sat there charmed by the events of the last few minutes, thick cum dripping from the base of her nose and chin onto her sweaty body.

Delighted by the taste and warmth of the fluid in her mouth, Lorna played with the huge load of cum inside her mouth rolling it with her tongue, until finally she opened her lips and let it all fall out over her chin onto her already cum stained body. In five minutes, Anya and Lorna had resumed their walk, Anya with an impressed smile on her face and Lorna wet and stained by the cum of old men. Before she knew it, straight ahead of them in the direction of the river the sky had filled with grey clouds. The sun shone through them and its diffused and filtered rays spread a magical yellow light all around, as the two young women reached the bank of the river.

The beauty of the scenario made Lorna momentarily forget all about her growing sexual appetite and the cum on her body. The woods cleared out to a lovely little beach of soft pale yellow sand upon which lapped gently the calm clear waters of the river. Lorna knew that the colour of the water would soon turn grey if the dark clouds were to spread further.

On the other side of the river some fifty meters across, she could see the forest continue and beyond it rising a picturesque range of green hills radiant in the evening light. Despite the clouds, the weather was still warm and sticky. The duo took off their clothes and walked into the water.

Lorna shuddered as the water reached her waist. Within a few seconds Anya was at her side. Lorna looked down upon her chest. On her mouth and in some areas of her chest the cum had dried to leave dry white marks. On others where the blob of sperm had been larger, it was still wet and sticky, as on her left nipple. Lorna closed her eyes and let the cool sensation hit her. Having gotten acclimatized to it over the last few minutes, the water was more comfortable now. Once more, Lorna felt at complete peace with her world, enjoying the bath her young seducer of the afternoon was giving her.

Once she was washed, Lorna turned to thank the little nymph with a kiss. As she did so, out of the corner of her eyes she caught a new figure emerge from the trees. Anya turned too and a look of mischief spread across her face at the sight of her boyfriend. Lorna saw a slender yet well-built youth with longish brown hair step toward the beach with a backpack on his shoulders. He wore a sleeveless white shirt and trunks.

Lorna felt unsure as to what to do. Yet if that was so, this seemed to her a terribly compromising position. Apart from being stark naked herself, she had revealed Anya in the nude with another woman in front of him. As Anya stepped out of the water toward Illya, the later cast a questioning glance at her, to which Anya responded with some gestures of her hand Lorna did not understand. He walked forward to receive Lorna as she stepped out of the water clutching and covering her body out of sudden modesty. As if suddenly realizing that she was not wearing anything, Illya motioned for her to wait and quickly offloaded and opened his backpack to produce a shawl with which he gently enfolded her lean frame.

Lorna smiled gratefully at him as Illya proceeded to bring out a large thick mat and spread it out on the sand.

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But suddenly Anya was at his side, looking at him imploringly. Lorna fell down on her bum on the mat and stared. This is what was missing on this already wild day — watching a completely unknown couple engage in sexuality! Then she threw herself on top of him, kissing him lustily and grinding her wet dripping body on his sweaty skin. Illya kissed her back and immediately forced two strong fingers into her pussy from the back making Anya give out a squeal of pleasure. Things were happening too fast for Lorna to decide on a proper reaction.

She merely sat in a dumb haze watching the couple. As her tongue touched the shaft of his cock, Illya felt a familiar, lovely warm sensation. His cock responded immediately. In spite of herself, Lorna felt lust rising in her breast at the sight of this. In the middle of her action when she turned to check on Lorna and their eyes locked, she could have sworn that the latter almost winced. Looking into the innocent honey flavoured eyes of Anya as she gave Illya a delicate, almost loving blowjob, Lorna felt a pang of pleasure at the base of her body.