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And let the house of Your servant David be established before You. Therefore Your servant has found in his heart to pray this prayer to You. But in those passages of the Lord of Hosts is not spoken about the Messiah but about the bringer of the messiah, Jehovah God. And thus as it follows thine house O David and thy kingdom shall, in Messiah, be established for ever before Me: before God : thy throne shall be established for ever.

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It shall be the Divine Creator Who makes everything and Who is the Father of everything and Host for all things and beings, who shall provide in His House the seed of peace and the seed for a new paradise, the Kingdom of God with the Garden of God once again here on earth. And for that Garden Jehovah God shall provide a gardener from the seed of Adam bringing the seed of Abraham , continuing the line with bringing seed to King David by which the offspring shall be the seed long awaited which shall bring the offering like the seed which formed the bush and got burning, the world shall have to see a burning light and bright morning star.

Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our God forever and ever. Saturn is naturally also honored on the same day by the Pagans that the Jews did with Jehovah on Sabbath. Saturn is the Graeco-Roman sky-god so consumed with fear of being overthrown that he devours all his children, missing only Jupiter Zeus , who does later overthrow him.

The Gospel of Judas

In Rome the overthrow of the old year by the new, the hunched-up old man by the babe, was celebrated in the Saturnalia. Similarly, for Gnostics, the Christ child replaced the tribal god Jehovah. Today we still find the majority of Christian believers not willing to accept Jesus to be a man of flesh and blood who had really enough reasons to be afraid of death. They still make Jesus into a god, because they think no human being would ever be able to keep to God His commandments.

They forget that they make a very cruel Creator of this Most High God , having Him made immature imperfect beings to which He demands the impossible. We do not believe in such a cruel God, who than after the Fall would have waited so long before to intervene and Who keeps us still waiting so many years before He stops us to let us suffer. For us it is more acceptable that God created a perfect universe in which He gave the human beings a free will. They were perfect and could have stayed faultless. To stay without fault people had to make the right choices. Those refusing that life itself was the essence given by God Himself wanted as in the different creation myths see their other gods providing that life, and as such used the figure Jesus as that bringer of life and bringer of love and eros.

Forbidden Fruit in the Midst of the Garden 1. Forbidden Fruit in the Midst of the Garden 2. Forbidden Fruit in the Midst of the Garden Part 2. Forbidden Fruit in the Midst of the Garden Part 3. All the Fathers see the reference to Jesus being the Temple and being raised on the third day. It is the Father who raised Him up after He was obedient, unto death, even death upon the Cross.

Augustine and St Cyril both comment on his caution in entrusting himself fully to those not yet born again of the Spirit. The Blame Game Again supertradmum-etheldredasplace. The sins of a culture or civilization are not some types of sins which just happen, but sins done repeatedly by those persons in that culture or civilization.

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Search Search for:. Epiphanius of Salamis church father, ca. Clarke agrees that God declares himself the Father of the Son. Michelangelo Bounarotti — The Fall and Expulsion of Adam and Eve — detail Photo credit: Wikipedia We do not believe in such a cruel God, who than after the Fall would have waited so long before to intervene and Who keeps us still waiting so many years before He stops us to let us suffer. Gospel, 3rd Sunday in Lent, Year B jessicahof. Augustine sees the same symbolism.

The Church, the Temple of Christ, has within in those who buy and sell holy things, and they need to be driven out too.


Individuals sin and make movements. Ialdabaoth created the other archons; together they made physical bodies as prisons for the sparks of light, and created stars and planets to enmesh the sparks in a merciless net of astrological destiny. In this way the world we know came into being.

The goal of most versions of Gnosticism is to break free of Ialdabaoth's world and return to the world of light. This escape hatch is not open to all, however. Many Gnostic sources divide human beings into three classes: hylics from hyle , "matter" who are robotic creations of the archons, and cannot escape the material world; psychics from psyche , "mind" who have the potential to break free from matter and rise to the realm of light, but have to work at it; and pneumatics from pneuma , "spirit" who have gnosis as an innate birthright and can count on returning to the world of light.

These basic principles seem to have been accepted by most although not all Gnostic systems as a common foundation. The structures built on that foundation, however, were fantastically diverse. Some Gnostic traditions were explicitly Christian, and taught that Jesus of Nazareth was an aeon of the world of light who descended into the false world of matter to liberate souls from the clutches of the Archons.

Others pointed to Seth, the third son of Adam, as the one who opened the way of escape. Other Gnostics turned the villains of the Bible—Cain, Esau, the inhabitants of Sodom, and so forth—into heroes rebelling against the power of the evil creator. There were a few Gnostic teachers and traditions that ignored the Bible and the imagery of standard Judeo-Christian thought altogether.

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Most Gnostic writings, however, kept a focus on these sources, reinterpreting them in various ways. To some extent, Gnosticism functioned as a sort of conspiracy theory of the spiritual realm, treating orthodox ideas as a theological "official account" that had to be seen through in order to get at the truth.

Gnostic writers combed through the events of the Book of Genesis, in particular, in much the same way that modern conspiracy buffs pore over details of the Kennedy assassination—and their proposed interpretations varied just as widely. Gnostic practice was as diverse as Gnostic theory. Magical rites were apparently much practiced; Plotinus, the great Platonist philosopher, criticizes their reliance on charms in his essay Against the Gnostics.

A number of the surviving Gnostic scriptures include magical invocations and words of power closely related to those found in the Graeco-Egyptian magical papyri. There were some Gnostics who argued in favor of a life of asceticism and spiritual discipline, and sex in particular was often roundly condemned, since it created new human bodies in which souls were imprisoned.

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Others argued that if the god of conventional religion was evil, what he prohibited must be good, and on this basis insisted that every kind of sexual activity was permitted. One middle ground between these positions was to prohibit forms of lovemaking that could lead to pregnancy but to consider anything else fair game. After its suppression in the Roman world, Gnosticism continued to be taught and practiced in small underground sects in various parts of the Middle East.

At least one of these sects, the Mandeans, has survived in southern Iraq to this day.

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  • Another, the Bogomils, flourished in the early Middle Ages in what is now Bulgaria, and missionaries from this sect traveled west to Italy and southern France in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, launching the most widely known Gnostic movement in the West, the Cathar heresy. The Inquisition, formally established in as a weapon against Catharism, gradually eliminated what was left of the Cathars after the church-sponsored crusade that began in Gnosticism in the Western world thereafter existed primarily as a footnote in history books until the nineteenth century, when several small Gnostic sects were established in France as part of the early phases of the occult renaissance of that period.

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    Attitudes toward the Gnostics underwent a major change around that time, as part of the Romantic revaluation of outcast traditions and rejected knowledge.