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Review written by Jocelyn Koehler. Disturbed by events, Madeline and Ruby along with their mother fly down to see if they can bring him back. When they arrive at the volcano, they are drawn into the world of La Lava, the super posh resort spa that hired Dad to find the presumed-extinct Lava Throated Volcano Trogan bird. Mad and Roo meet a cast of characters some good, some bad as they work to discover what is wrong with their father, and what La Lava wants the Lava-Throated Bird for.

The story emphasizes the role of the three children as they explore a magical, tropical place, which is described with such affection and enthusiasm both from the characters and the author that I really wanted it all to be real. This book is an environmental tale, but it is also very much about family. Mad and Roo are close, and their relationship to their mother Sylvia is both loving and realistic. This family is stressed by the long absence of Jim, even before they think he has gone missing or has had something terrible happen to him. He is an American, but since his father is from this unnamed country, he visits the volcano every summer.

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Being half-Hispanic, he speaks fluent Spanish, and he loves his family here, as well as the environment itself, from the volcano to the birds in the jungle. Interestingly, the villains are both portrayed as really isolated. And the Big Bad is a beautiful but solitary woman, driven only by the desire to make a ton of money. This book is unabashedly green. The main characters all believe in the virtue of saving the planet, and in particular endangered species like the Lava Throated Volcano Bird a fictional species, so it could stand for any real one. The corporation that is La Lava is portrayed as evil for its willingness to kill an endangered species to make money.

The workers are shown as very willing to do that. However, the tone is not hippie-ish. Mad is twelve, and Kyle is thirteen or fourteen, and they have a very tame romance. The relationship felt real, and the author avoids sappiness because the characters are so quirky Kyle once tells Mad that she looks like a tree frog in her party dress, and she is overjoyed. On the adult side, Sylvia is shown to be anxious about her missing husband, and to be genuinely in love with him. The setting of the book is an unnamed but very Costa Rican-like Central American country. However, the main characters are all Americans.

The user gains the Solarbeam status, making it attack strongly on the next turn.

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It is not possible to link this move. During a Sunny condition, it charges for an immediate attack. You can't link this move. MD GtI. You'll get the SolarBeam status, which lets you charge power, then try a powerful attack.

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Under a Sunny condition, it charges for an immediate attack on the first turn. You'll get the Solar Beam status condition, which lets you charge power to try a powerful attack on the next turn. When it's sunny, it charges for an immediate attack on the first turn. But during rain, hail, or a sandstorm, the damage will be reduced! Primal Groudon. The user gathers light, then blasts a bundled beam. Bulbasaur gathers light in its bulb, then it fires a blue or white beam from its bulb at the opponent, or Bulbasaur's bulb glows a bright yellow, then it fires a yellow beam from its bulb at the opponent.

Ash's Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden.

Shauna's Bulbasaur. Day Three Blockbusters! Gloom gathers sunlight in the middle of the flower on its head, then it glows white when its finished.

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Finally, a ball of light appears and Gloom fires a white beam from the ball at the opponent. Florinda's Gloom. Make Room for Gloom. Gulzar's Gloom. Ivysaur gathers sunlight in the flower bulb on its back, points it at the opponent and fires a white or light green beam at the opponent. Sometimes, when the beam is finished charging, the whole flower glows white.

Assunta's Ivysaur.

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    Performing a Pathway to the Future! The inside of the flower on Venusaur's back glows white as sunlight is gathered in it.


    Then, Venusaur fires a white beam from it at the opponent or its flower closes and yellow and green orbs cover it, as sunlight is absorbed inside of it. The flower then opens and it releases a yellow beam from it at the opponent. Sometimes, when the beam is ready, the whole flower glows white. Drake's Venusaur. Enter the Dragonite. Gan Gogh's Venusaur. The Light Fantastic. A Venusaur James borrowed from the Battle Park. One Trick Phony! A wild Venusaur.

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    Grass Hysteria! Spenser's Venusaur. Ka Boom with a View!

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    Nihei's Venusaur. The Legend of the Ninja Hero! Corey's Venusaur. I Choose You! Professor Kukui's Venusaur. One by one, the front petals on Sunflora's head starts to glow white. When all petals are glowing, its face glows white and it fires a massive beam of white energy at the opponent, or Sunflora forms an orb of white and yellow energy in front of its forehead. It then fires a white and yellow beam of energy from the orb at the opponent.